Hi, I'm George

I am currently...

I used to...
  • make software
  • design games
  • study and teach math

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Human Amplifier

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Be creative

I teach language for fostering creativity, seeing differently, and generating new types of ideas. I've exposed some of these thoughts through my generative art website.

Be aware

Insight into your mind will help you cope with adversity, align you with your values, and expand your capacity to pursue what matters. I've cultivated lenses and consciousness practices towards skillfully moving forwards.

Be kind

I select clients based on their desire to do good in the world. I don't expect a perfect record, but you must have a genuine intention to foster compassion and give what you can to the world. Exceptionally selfless clients get sessions for free.


Exploring aesthetic worlds


A gallery of my work can be found on instagram


I also curate themed collections of interactive pieces on a separate website

Raw Productions

If those inspire you and you want to go deeper, you can see much of my work on codepen.


I've come a long way

Software Engineer

I've worked at Asana.com, consulted for several AI startups, and was most recently at Google working on performance tooling for custom AI hardware. I like making tools to empower people, but am skeptical of corporate intentions.

Game Designer

In 2014 my good friend Benjamin and I and produced a board game called Block Party. We raised funds, produced it, sold copies, and donated hundreds to math teachers and programs. I also continue to carry a set around and create new games with it.


In 2013 I wrote a novel exploring art and technology. Every now and then I'll draw portraits. I've also made some mobile puzzle games, but they're no longer supported. I also play a very obscure Chinese zither. I love to express almost as much as I love to know.


I'd love to hear from you: george@hoqqanen.com

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