Hey, call me George.

This is the wide open expanse where I live on the internet. If you prefer narrower pastures, you can see my twitter or check out what I write on Medium. I'm a cofounder at Three Pixel Heart where I make simple, expansive fun-check out my games.

I like wearing hats

I'm mostly a game developer

Which actually means doing a lot more...

Rapid Prototyper

I love making things really quickly. I also enjoy creating minimal specifications so that ideas can be tested. Treat the iteration loop like it's the Indy 500.


Pure problems are wonderful. When their solutions get applied they become magic. I work in the land of abstraction like it's my home town. I write about these things on a blog.


Untrained and at large. I usually work within clean, minimalist aesthetics. I'm a big fan of geometry and simplicity. Check out some of my work below.

Newest Creations

Games and also studies in aesthetics/information architecture.

Block Party

With only 8 wooden blocks we've found dozens of games. How will you play?


Shepherd colors with geometric shapes in this ambient puzzle game. Delightfully challenging.

Indra's Net

A metaphysical love story between Cause and Effect by way of abstract logic puzzle.


Grow a tree while collecting all solari in this highly geometric, nature-inspired game.
In development


Things I do on the side.


As promised I like minimalist, clean aesthetics. I also do portraits on commission. Drop me a line at
george at hoqqanen.com


Hobbyist fanboy. Notably these are my first (and only) paintings.


A novel written for NaNoWriMo 2013. Near-future scifi about the increasing role of machine intelligence and its ability to understand humans, with some cool (and scary) implications. Available in pdf, .mobi, and epub.

Dear George,

Collaboration opportunities, affirmations, questions, inquiries, offers, hate mail, and spam can be directed to george at hoqqanen dot com.